Write Thai using
the English alphabet.

Thaiphonics is the only iOS keyboard where you can type in any of the major transliteration systems for Thai.

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About Thaiphonics

Many Thai language schools prefer to first teach students to speak. Instead of using Thai script, they write using a transliteration system.

With the iOS keyboard from Thaiphonics,
teachers and students can now communicate using this style of writing.

Want to...

Practice conversations with a classmate?
Message your teacher on Line?
Create study cards in Anki?

Type using Thaiphonics!


What is a Transliteration System?

A transliteration system is the translation of a script based language (Thai) into the Roman alphabet (ABC...). This system has many names: transliteration, pronunciation guide, romanization, rendering to the Latin alphabet, transcription, writing phonetically–the list goes on.

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Supported Systems

Thaiphonics supports all major transliteration systems.

If you see a system is missing, please let us know! We'd love to add it.

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Start communicating in Thai today.

Apple IconThaiphonics v1.0 for iOS